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 Who else is bored with aqworlds?

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Metallic Shadows
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PostSubject: Who else is bored with aqworlds?   Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:07 am

hey its me metallic. if u havent seen me on aqworlds lately its cuz i quit that game. i got really bored with it. if u want a game thats a little more fun and also it has pvp, pk, and pve. you'll have alot of fun on it. the catch is that u have to download it. it could take up to 2 hours to download. but thats only if ur comp is really slow. if u want to check this game out goto: or goto: this is the main site.

if u like head on attacks then pick blademaster or barbarian

if u like ranged attackers use archers, clerics, or wizards

if u like ranged attackers that can use pets also then use venomancers

venomancers can only be female

barbarians can only be male

others can be both male and female

also dont assume that every barb and veno is female or male

and u can get married on the game

everyone can fly and it has good graphics

clerics and archers can fly from the beginning cuz they are winged elves, but clerics can fly as long as they want

humans are wizards and blademasters. they cant fly till they get to lvl 30. (keep in mind that once u get to lvl 30 u can be killed by other people without permission)

untamed are barbarians and venomancers. venomancers are perfect for pvping because they do more damage than anyone else. cuz they use their pets to fight and provide backup. everyone gets a variety of skills also. but like humans they cant fly till lvl 30.

u can spend real money on gold and silver to buy mounts and better equipment for ur characters.

we have guilds in this game. if u choose to play the game. then goto the server harshlands and when u get into the game try to find a character named deathwatcher. that is my character. i will invite u to my guild. but u cannot join until u get to at least lvl 20.
and u should be able to do that easy if u keep killing and doing quests.

let me knw if u ever create a account. i will be checking in to make sure that people got the message. if u have any question send me a message on my myspace:

u cant add me to ur friends without knowing my email.

it is

hope to see u on perfectworld everyone. later.

oh and another thing. u can make ur own equipment. so u dont have to constantly buy weapons with ur coins. lol. u get coins from questing and killing. u get gold from paying real money. see u all later.
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PostSubject: Re: Who else is bored with aqworlds?   Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:10 am

I am, I havent been on lately, and ive been playing lots of console games. Like The Conduit, or CoDWaW, or Castlevania Judgment and online wii stuff.

Good luck with your PC games

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Metallic Shadows
1st Prince

Number of posts : 13
Age : 25
Location : NY
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PostSubject: Re: Who else is bored with aqworlds?   Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:37 am

they are updating perfect world now. they have added a new race of warriors. and they added 2 new classes. also this month every weekend from friday at 6pm server time to monday 11am server time there will be double experience. which will help out alot. the 2 new classes that they are going to add are assasin and psychic. remember there is no payment for this game. the whole thing is free. u only have to pay for boutique items. but they have added prepaid cards to target and 7eleven stores. also they have a way for you to earn zen or gold throughout the game. u can even turn the coins in the game into zen or gold. 210,000 coins equals 1 gold currently. hope to see you there.
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PostSubject: Re: Who else is bored with aqworlds?   Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:37 pm

I'm kinda bored with it but i still play.
Although i only play on fridays (maybe saturdays) since that's when they make updates.

Also, when was the the last time any of you logged into AQ worlds?
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PostSubject: Re: Who else is bored with aqworlds?   

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Who else is bored with aqworlds?
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